Knotless braids – See 10 ways you can wear them

Are knotless braids worth it? 

They seem like a hot natural hair trend for many black women. Let’s see what’s making them so popular.

A few trendy ways to wear them are:

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What’s the difference between knotless braids and box braids?

Knotless braids are small box braids that don’t start with knots. So if you’ve ever had box braids, then you know that this sounds amazing!

This makes them easier to wear in an up-do like bun style,

Are knotless braids worth it? 

They seem like a hot natural hair trend for many black women. Let’s see what’s making them so popular.

What is the point of knotless braids?

The thing is, those knots at the base of each braid can cause stress and tension on the hairline. And I’m pretty sure you want to keep those edges intact.

That’s the beauty of going with knotless braids. It’s a natural hairstyle that you can wear all year long, not only for when you want a protective hairdo. 

These braids come in a variety of styles, meaning that you can wear them in lots of different ways. They’re even a good hairstyle for kids.

Here are my favorites. 

Decorative braids with beads

knotless braids with beads

Adding beads to your braids gives them that retro feel. Think of 70’s disco stars. 

It also has that added touch of nostalgia. The beads, clips, and shiny baubles remind me of school picture day and the hairstyles that almost every little black girl has worn at some point during their childhood. 

This makes it a good choice when you’re looking for ideas for how to do your daughter’s hair.

Want a shortcut? Take a look at this option from Etsy.

Mix it up with curls

Curls can soften the look of braids. If you’re using synthetic hair like Kanekalon, a well-known way to curl the hair is to use hot water on the tips and then unbraid them a little.

Knotless braids with curly ends

Large tresses

Wondering how long knotless braids take to install? Well, if you go with the larger size braids, they’ll take less time to do and you’ll be out of the salon chair sooner.

Small braids to last longer

Maybe you’ve got plenty of time, and you want a style that will last longer. Then opt for the small braids.

Medium knotless braids

Here are 4 ways to style these braids. You can get this look from Neat Crowns on Etsy. This knotless braid wig from them is ready to ship in 1 day!

4 ways to style knotless braids

Jumbo knotless braids

The advantage of choosing jumbo braids is that, with the large parts, they take less time to install. Of course, that also means that they take no time at all to take out too. It’s the best of both worlds. What more could you ask for?

These jumbo braids have a regal look to them.

Knotless braids with curly ends

knotless braids with curly ends.

The curly ends on these braids make it perfect for a little girl hairstyle.

Goddess knotless braids

The goddess braids version is similar to the jumbo version. They both will have you looking like a queen. 

Goddess knotless braids

Lots of the same style braids go by different names. Even with a different name, it’s still the same gorgeous look.

Blonde knotless braids

This honey blonde version is beach ready. Who has time to think about doing your hair on vacation? Spend more time having fun and less time trying to make pool hair look good for the restaurant and the club during your nights out with the girls.

blonde knotless braids

Knotless braids in a bun

Gather them in a high bun for fresh look. Whether it a full or half bun, it’s an easy way to change up the style from time to time.

knotless braids in a bun.

Here is what you’ll need to get this look

  1. Hair clips
  2. Beads (optional)
  3. Gel for edges
  4. Small comb or rat tail comb
  5. Bristle brush
  6. Synthetic hair

Pin your favorite look to Pinterest to save it for later. Let me know which one you like the most.