5 Must-Try Twist Outs on Natural Hair You’ll Love

I’m a lazy natural, I love a good wash and go, but maybe you’re on the hunt for the ultimate twist out on natural hair? 

Whether it’s your first time trying out this style or you’re an old head, I bet you’ll love at least one or two of these ideas. 

I’ll give you the low down on what you need to create a stunning twist out, covering everything from selecting the right products to mastering the art of twist placement. 

Tackling common challenges like frizz and moisture retention, I’ll share my tips to help you achieve the perfect twist out. 

So, let’s dive in and transform your natural hair routine with style and ease!

4 women with different twist out natural hairstyles.

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1. Super Big Twist Out

Who says bigger isn’t better? Dive into this super big twist out method by kicking things off with a co-wash. Once your hair’s twisted and fully dried, unleash those twists to revel in bouncy, eye-catching volume. It’s all about letting those curls breathe and take center stage!

A woman with a big twist out hairstyle. She’s wearing a shirt with tropical palm leaf design.



2. Flat Twists and Free

Mix it up by blending flat twists at the front with two-strand twists everywhere else. When you let down those twists, keep the flat ones in for a chic, structured look. Oh, and throw in some hair jewelry to really make those curls pop!

A woman wearing a tank top with her hand fluffing out her natural hairstyle.


3. Go Grey

Grey hair, don’t care! Show off those silver strands with a twist out that proves grey is the new black. A little nourishing hair oil goes a long way to give that grey a glossy, mesmerizing sheen. Embrace the elegance!


Doo Gro Anti Itch Growth Oil

4. Twist & Curl

For curls that mean business, arm yourself with styling lotion, gel, edge glaze, and serum. This twist and curl combo is your ticket to defined, hydrated, and oh-so-shiny curls that’ll turn heads wherever you go.

A woman pushing her hand through her short curly hair.


5. No Fuss Chocolate Twists

If easy and breezy is your vibe, the no-fuss chocolate twists are your go-to. Just untwist, give a quick spray, and fluff out those curls for a carefree look that says, “I woke up like this.”

A girl with a freshly twisted out hairstyle


Final Word

Wrapping it up, these twist out styles are here to upgrade your hair game, no matter the occasion or mood. 

From bold volume to elegant simplicity, there’s a twist out here that’s just right for you.

Experiment to find that perfect twist out to express your unique style and personality!

Overview of Your New Go-To Twist Out Styles

No.StyleWhat It’s All About
1Super Big Twist OutGo big or go home volume
2Flat Twists and FreeStructured yet free-flowing
3Go GreySilver strand elegance
4Twist & CurlDefined, hydrated finesse
5No Fuss Chocolate TwistsEffortless chic