5 Stunning Prom Hairstyles for Black Girls That Will Turn Heads

Prom night is a special occasion that calls for a fabulous hairstyle. 

Whether you have long curls, prefer an elegant updo, or want to rock a sleek look, there’s a perfect style out there for every black girl. 

Let’s dive into these five stunning prom hairstyles that will make you feel like a queen on your big night.

This vibrant collage features "5 Beautiful Prom Hairstyles for Black Girls," showcasing a range of gorgeous looks. From the top, a young woman with an elaborate updo accented with sparkling jewels. Below her, two images: on the left, a woman with sleek, straightened hair and a sophisticated makeup look, touching her face gently, and on the right, a beaming young girl in a blue prom dress with long, wavy hair adorned with a tiara. The collage is completed with an image at the bottom of a woman with luxurious, voluminous curls draped over a black sequined dress, embodying the elegance and diversity of prom night beauty.

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1. Lovely Long Curls

Embrace Hollywood glamour with lovely long curls that cascade beautifully down your back. Keep it tangle-free with a good paddle brush.

This style exudes elegance and class, perfect for making a grand entrance at prom.

A sophisticated young woman in a black sequined dress is depicted with lovely long curls, softly curled at the ends, adding a touch of elegance to her overall prom night ensemble.


2. Regal Updo with Jewels

Channel your inner royalty with a regal updo adorned with sparkling jewels. This hairstyle is not just a look; it’s a statement, making you the prom queen everyone will remember.

An exquisite close-up showcases a woman with an intricate regal updo, adorned with delicate jewels. Her hairstyle is a masterpiece of curls and twists, set against a backdrop of deep red roses.


3. Serving Side Swoop

Turn heads with a charming side swoop, featuring wavy tresses elegantly cascading over one shoulder. This look is both playful and sophisticated, ideal for a memorable prom night.

A chic young woman in an elegant black prom dress is seated in a convertible car, showcasing a graceful side swoop hairstyle with lustrous wavy locks that elegantly frame her face.


4. Blue Ivy

Opt for simplicity and elegance with this long hairstyle that boasts soft waves. Adding a tiara can give you that extra sparkle and make you feel like prom royalty.

A radiant young woman in a sparkling blue mermaid prom dress stands poolside, flashing a cheerful peace sign. She wears a tiara atop her flowing, voluminous curls that cascade down her shoulders.


5. Blonde Ambition

Stand out with a sleek and chic look on blond hair. This style proves that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, making it a perfect choice for a fashion-forward prom look.

A glamorous woman poses in a bold orange feathered outfit with a golden, glittering bodice. Her hair is styled in sleek, straight strands with a platinum blonde color, enhancing her striking look.


After you’ve dazzled everyone with your stunning prom hairstyle, why not keep the momentum going with another chic and protective style? 

I’ve fallen in love with the versatility and elegance of knotless braids, and I think you will too. 

They’re perfect for any post-prom events or just adding a bit of flair to your everyday look. 

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1.Lovely Long Curls
2.Regal Updo with Jewels
3.Serving Side Swoop
4.Blue Ivy
5.Blonde Ambition